Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday fun!

Wow! My precious boy is nine years old!!! I can hardly believe it. I am thankful to God everyday for the blessing that Ryan is to my life, and how God sent him to save my life. We celebrated with some double chocolate fudge cake, and as you can tell, the little ones all enjoyed it. Alyssa came home after a concert and dug in to some of it too! LOL Jonathan isnt that big on chocolate, so he skipped the cake part. :) After Ryan continued giving David bits of cake, he was covered in it everywhere, so he went straight to the bath. Afterwards, he was standing on his own in the living room and trying to take little steps, so I attached a pic.
Ryan had a wonderful birthday. He loved his gifts, and we had a great time celebrating. He also has a sleepover this Friday night with a group of boys, and they will have pizza, cake, ice cream and games. All I can say is.....PRAY FOR US!!!!! hehehehehehehehe
Brittany :)