Thursday, January 29, 2009

Report on the report cards.....

Well, it's that time for mid-year report cards, so here is the official result: MY KIDS ARE BRILLIANT!!! :-)

Alyssa has all A's and a couple B's (from the really challenging classes) and is already pulling those up to A's. Recently, on her very tough Algebra midterm, she had the second highest grade in the class. Ryan has all A's and is at the top of his class and kids nationwide in his age group with his reading. Kaylee doesn't have A's or B's yet being a first grader, but she has the highest grade marks that they give at that age. Her teacher also let me know that she is far above what the expected reading level is for her grade, and has been since she started first grade. And David, well he is a genius as always! lol

What wonderfully talented and smart children I am blessed to have!!!