Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We're baaaaack.....:)

Wow! It has certainly been awhile since I wrote on here. We have been so busy moving from Germany to the states, setting up our new home, getting back into the groove of things, and now the holidays. However, things are starting to settle back to somewhat normal (won't be completely so until Daddy is home), and I hope to be able to update this more.

We are all doing well. Paul is in Korea, doing well and trying to adjust (again) to living over in Asia. We are missing him like crazy, and he is missing us as well, and this is proving to be incredibly difficult....but God is faithful and is wrapping His loving arms around all of us and bringing us through. Aly is a 10th grader going to the local high school and really loving it. As usual, she has made a ton of friends and is really enjoying the shopping back in the USA and hanging and texting all the time with her friends. :) Ryan and Kaylee are homeschooling this year with yours truly as their teacher. After alot of thought and prayer, we knew that this was what we were supposed to do for them this year, and they are thriving and loving it. Ryan is also in basketball, and Kaylee is dancing (ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop) and cheerleading. David is, well, David. Sweet, cute, full of energy and all over the place. He is growing so fast and LOVING have a backyard to run in. He is also doing some little preschool work while the other kids do their schooling, and enjoying himself as well. Sadie, being that she does not realize she is a dog, is adjusting well and making the new house her own too. :) And me, well I am taxi-driving the kids, organizing, always cleaning house and doing laundry, and holding this whole schedule together, lol. I am still doing my school, and I am teaching at the same dance studio that Kaylee is taking classes at, and of course homeschooling the kiddos. I am also still going to be doing my photography, but of course I am now trying to restart in a new place and gain new clients. We stay pretty much on the go all the time, but also make sure that we have plenty of family time snuggled up together just enjoying one another and having down time when we need it. We are going to an awesome church and are really loving it. There is a wonderful kids program and youth group, and just a real feeling of family there, and of course most importantly, the Lord is really moving there and speaking. It has been great.

Although I miss Germany and Japan alot, I am really loving the blessing of being back stateside and being in driving distance so that my family can drive up from Florida and I can drive down there whenever we feel like it. Not to mention, our family right here in town with us right up the street. David just loves to go to his "Meme, Papa's house" and I am really loving being able to be right here with my sweet brothers and FABULOUS sister (love you Cass :) ). It has been such a blessing, I missed them so much!!

Please keep us in prayer, and especially remember Kaylee as she has had an incredibly difficult time being away from her daddy. They are very, very close and she has taken it harder than anyone. However, even with all of the rough adjustments and the ups and downs, I am so thankful because God is good and He is always with us. Not to mention, my kids are fabulous, so obedient and respectful, and we enjoy each other truly (even on the slightly naughty days...hehe). This year, I know, will be different, hard at times, and have us kind of topsy turvy on our routines, but we will get through and will be stronger, closer to one another, and most of all closer to God. Already, I have learned so much and gone through some things (aside from being apart from Paul) that felt unbearable at times, and yet the Lord has touched my broken heart and brought me through every time. This year(especially this last part of it) has been one of change, realization, pain and heartache at times, growth, and closing of some doors and relationships that I had been unable (or unwilling) to let go of before. However, the Lord orchestrated some things and opened my eyes and helped me to take care of those very things that I needed to let go off. Then, in the midst of it all, he placed wonderful people there to hold me, comfort me, and encourage in the middle of it all, especially in the absence of my sweet husband. Now, after all of the heartbreak, tears, change, and "pruning", I look forward to where God is leading and taking me in this coming new year, and what He has to show me and teach me in all of it. Because even when facing heartache or trials or change, God surrounds us and brings us joy every moment just in the fact that He is there and loves us. I am so thankful for that!!!

Well, just a little update for now, and I will try to keep it updated better from now on (I know, I always say that...LOL).
Love you all,