Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back in the swing of things...

Well, we are officially back in the swings of things. School has started back, and our regular routines have resumed. I attempted to take first day of school pics (like I always do), but I was using my new little pocket camera and I could not figure out the settings. Go figure, I work with professional cameras all the time and I couldn't figure out the tiny little Casio pocket cam. LOL So, these pics are from last night. After the kids got home from school (their second day), and did their homework and chores, we headed out to the new mall and went to dinner at Johnny Rockets. David loved the little hat that they give out to the kids, and he wore it all through dinner, to the grocery store afterwards, and at home later on until bedtime. The bottom pic of Paul and David is from a couple of weeks ago on another outing to the new mall. I love his little barefeet...hehe
School is going great for all the kiddos. Aly is in 10th grade this year, and has good teachers for the most part and good classes. She is enjoying herself and enjoying not being a freshman anymore! haha Ryan has a new, young teacher and she seems really nice. Of course, Ryan (like his big sister Aly), doesn't meet a stranger- so he is making friends and getting comfortable quickly. Kaylee got the teacher that she was wanting, but then the teacher had to go back to the states on emergency leave, so she has a substitute for the whole first week and it has been....interesting. LOL Little man cried the first day when all the kids left and wanted to go with them, but now he is enjoying the quiet time at home with mommy during the day.
We have about a month left before leaving here, and time is going by so quickly!!! Before we know it the packers will be here and we will be preparing to get on a flight. We are super-duper excited to be coming back stateside, and especially to be seeing our family and friends; but sad about having to part ways with Paul for so long. Please keep us in your prayers, as we are already dreading being apart. :(
Well, I guess I will go for now! I will have to start dinner soon....homeade enchildas and spanish rice tonight at the Cooper household. :)
Love you all!