Friday, May 9, 2008

Sick Baby and Sweet Kiddos...

Baby man is feeling so yucky, can you tell? He looks so pitiful!! We are just hugging and snuggling him bunches. Surprisingly, and unlike his big sister Kaylee, he does really well taking his medicines, so hopefully it will all be clearing up soon. For now, he is just like a little baby monkey attached to me.

The other pic is of the sweet Mommy's Day things that some of the kiddos created for me at school. Alyssa made the beautiful ( and, as you can tell, DELICIOUS, cake), and Ryan and Kaylee both made paper flower bouquets and the book and picture. I love all my kids so much, and I am so thankful for the blessing that they are!!



Thursday, May 8, 2008

New 'do...and croup too!

Is my daughter gorgeous or what!?! Her hair turned out FABULOUS!! The highlights are beautiful and the layers are so cute! I snapped this pic after a long walk we took to get some exercise, so its not as fixed as before, but still gorgeous. She loves it.
Also, please pray for little man. He had to be taken in to the doc this evening because he sounded so awful and kept vomitting. Turns out he has bad congestion and croup. He is just miserable, and won't really eat or sleep. He has meds four times a day, so prayerfully he will be feeling all better soon and up to no good again!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's Been Awhile....

Well, I really need to catch up on here! With getting all the kinks worked out of my photography website, and having MAJOR term papers due, I have fallen behind. However, I will do better with keeping this up to date from now on.

For a quick update (since I am dealing with a sick little baby), David is walking and now has 6, yes 6!, teeth. He talks alot, and recently told me "No No Bad Momma" when I took away a toy in the BX. I think he may have heard me say "No No Bad Sadie" one too many times! LOL He will be 1 on the 19th!! Time flies.

Kaylee is feeling much, much better, so thank you all for your prayers. (For those that don't know, she had a really, really high fever for several days and a croup sounding cough). Anyways, she was back at school today, and playing just as hard as usual. She will be 6 on the 23rd!! Wow!

Alyssa is getting a new hairdo tommorrow,and she is both thrilled and nervous. She is getting an adorable layered cut and some highlights for the first time. She and I are headed to the salon as soon as school is out for some girl time like we like to do!! I will post pics of the finished 'do in the next couple of days.

Ryan is soooo ready for summer break! He would play outside everynight until 11pm if we let him! Haha He has gotten very tall, and I think for sure he will pass me in height within the next few years.

Jonathan is doing well also. He is working and going to school and romancing the ladies. hahaha! He graduates in a matter of weeks! Can you believe it? He and I spend a lot of time teasing each other, if you can believe it. Like father, like son. LOL

Paul and I are great as well. We will find out the results of the promotion testing next month hopefully. Paul has been busy with one of his classes, and spends alot of down time working on that!! I, as usual, am ALWAYS busy with homework, papers, finals, etc... Oh well, it will all pay off eventually! Our anniversary is Monday, the 12th, so we are deciding what we want to do. We are either going to Holland for the day for the tulips or going to a concert that evening. How exciting!! :)

Well, I will be sure to update again soon, and this time without so much time in between!!!