Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cartoons and Updates...

So, this week is cartoon week...simply because it has been such a crazy and busy week that you just gotta laugh! LOL The above cartoon is just perfect, because it depicts my life so well! hahaha

Well, I wanted to update everyone on a few things. First, thanks for your prayers- Alyssa did well on her exams and did not have a difficult time on them like she was afraid of. She is still looking forward to the beginning of soccer season, and is soon going to begin her running to condition for it. Lately, her favorite activity is talking to Cassie (my little sister who is her same age) on the phone for hours at a time- thank goodness we have such a great plan! LOL. They are so cute and silly!

Our little champion speller, Ryan, did great in the spelling bee. He did not win, as he got some word wrong that we have all never heard We were really proud of how well he did. He also got 100% on his Babe Ruth project and presentation that WE were working on until almost midnight the night before the due date. It ended up really good, and his actual presentation and the paper he wrote on it were excellent!

Kaylee bear stayed home from school on Friday because she supposedly did not feel well, but in all actuality I think she just needed a "mommy and me" day. We had a good time just snuggling and hanging out. She is just so sweet. All of my kids have different wonderful traits, and Kaylee is my one who is so loving and precious. She's the one that I don't usually have to worry about getting into trouble! LOL But, we did get a call from the school counselor saying that a dad of a little firl in her class had called up to the school all upset because his little girl told him that Kaylee told her that, "I don't like Barack Obama because he acts nice but is really fake and stands for bad things," as well as "He thinks it's okay for mommies to kill the babies in their tummies." Needless to say, it caused an upheaval at the school, and we did talk to Kaylee about not all kids being at her maturity and understanding as far as some things, and that since so many people have such strong opinions about this that school may not be the best place to bring this up all the time. However, we let her know that if she is asked about those things, she is allowed to give her views and thoughts, as long as it is respectfully (she was upset that the girl was upset because she told us that when the girl asked her about how she felt about Obama she told her those things very nicely). We also made sure that the school knew that we will not "hush" our daughter up because someone else feels that she should support Obama's views on these things. We only told them that we would talk with her to ensure that things are said respectfully and appropriately if/when she is brought into a conversation like that. Can you believe that first graders are discussing politics!!??!!! lol I was proud of my smart girl for sticking to her values and beliefs and not backing down because others told her she should. Go Kaylee! I am so tired of people using the race card to either support or not support Obama. This is not about race. I think that an African American being elected President is a wonderful thing- just not this guy. I am against the things he supports- abortion, homosexual rights, etc. It would make no difference if he were any other race. The Bible expressly FORBIDS the two specific things I mentioned could I support that as a Christian? And I will not make my daughter even be made to pretend to support that either. Okay, okay, enough of that....:-)

Little man has been so funny this week. He has been absolutely wild! Getting into everything, running back and forth through the house, trying to kill He is getting so big. He has been trying to play "with the big kids" more everyday and for the most part they let him. However, after awhile he gets evicted and cries for a few minutes at their closed doors before sulking in to me calling them "mean," or we respond to his yelps for help to find that they have somehow stuck him in a toybox or something of that nature so he couldn't get away. It's pitiful and cute at the same time. They are getting creative with how to blame David with stuff, or set him up to ask for stuff they want, and generally teach him all the naughty tricks that they know. :-)

Well, just wanted to fill ya in on the kids' activities this week so you know how it all went, and share a few laughs.

Love you!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feeling better....

So, David now doing much better. He finished his medicines and is back to his normal self. He still has a couple little "spots" here and there, but they are disappearing more everyday. Paul wet David's hair and made it stick all up, which cracked him up, so I had to snap a quick shot. LOL
Also, I included a couple of pics from the Bad Lichtenburg Castle ruins. It was really gorgeous there, but C-O-L-D! However, we have plans this Saturday (weather permitting) to return so that I can do a photo session of all the kids together. It is time for some updated professional pics of them for everyone,, and I really want to do it at the castle so we have some great memories of Germany.
Paul and I were amazed today when we realized that we move in 9 months!! Wow- that is soon. We should know in a couple months where we are going, and of course, everyone is excited about that. However, our main prayer as a family lately has been that we do not miss all the great stuff God has left for us in this last few months here, even though we are thrilled and excited about where He will lead us next. We are sitting down and planning out our travel schedule for these last few months so that we hit all the places left that we want to see. We want to hit Paris again, and just for Kaylee also visit Monet's garden in Giverny. Also, on that same trip we want to visit Normandy. Also, we are planning an excursion to Berlin, a trip to the Tulip Festival in Holland, and of course- the long awaited trip to Italy. Although I am so excited to be coming home after 8 YEARS overseas, I am also a little sad to be leaving Europe and the wonderful experience that it is.
Also, for another update, Ryan is in the Spelling Bee in the morning and he has studied hard, so keep him in your thoughts. Kaylee was invited to be a part of an after school enrichment club called "Wise Kids" and she is enjoying that so far. Alyssa is getting ready to start soccer, and will probably be taking Driver's Ed this semester- so of course, she is excited. I think it is fueled by the fact that her parents have told her she will not get a car or drive until she is responsible. LOL Man man is doing great- talking so much. He is so smart and cute, and oh yeah- spoiled! He is a mommy's baby, attached to my hip almost all the time, but the way his face lights up when Paul comes through the door is absolutely precious.
Please keep Paul in your prayers. He has been given a new position at work with alot of responsibility, and is second in command to the big bossman. :-) He is working long hours, but is home on the weekend, which is nice. However, he is also still taking classes, as well as studying for promotion. He tests for Master Sgt on February 25th, and would love all of your prayers. He is working hard, and is really hoping and praying to make it this time. It would be a blessing. Also, congrats to Paul for winning NCO of the Year! Woo hoo! Go Paul!
And as for me, I'm good- busy with my photo sessions, school, kids, laundry...LOL After I finish my current classes in March I am taking a hiatus until my next courses start on June 29th. This will give me some much needed time to do all the things I need to do before the summer starts and things get busier with the kids out of school. I am going to be doing my usual PCS cleaning out and organizing, getting rid of all the stuff we don't need or use anymore, and getting it all ready for when it is time to be packed.
Well, I better head to bed, since little man will be climbing into my bed and prying my eyelids open in a few short hours. :-) I will try to keep this blog updated better (for real this time...)