Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 09

So, I thought I posted this Easter update already, but now I don't see it on the blog, so...... here it is again. Easter Sunday afternoon, we headed out for some quick pics of the kiddos, and then had an egg hunt. The pictures were a test of my patience, being that David kept running off and insisting to try to jump into the water and Kaylee's allergies were so bad she could hardly keep her eyes open, and Ryan was more fascinated with running around throwing rocks into the water than looking anywhere towards the camera. LOL! But in the end, I was able to get a couple cute shots, and all the kids looked absolutely beautiful in their outfits. The egg hunt was lots of fun for them too. Paul kept the little ones occupied while Ali and I hid the eggs, and then they were off- running like crazy to find them all. At first David didn't understand the concept, and was picking up anything to put into his basket (eggs, leaves, trash...). But after awhile, and some help from Daddy, he got the hang of it and had a blast.

I dont have room for all the pics of course, so I will just post a few. The rest you can see on the links I sent for Kodak, Picasa, email, or my Facebook and MySpace.

Happy (late) Easter! HE is risen!!