Sunday, May 25, 2008

Birthdays, Giggles, Marathons, and Puppies...

Man oh man, has it been a busy month!!! We have had Mother's Day, then Paul and I's anniversary, then David's bday, and then Kaylee's bday. We have had lots of fun!

I am attaching some pics of David on his new birthday "rocket," Kaylee super excited about a chocolate on chocolate bday cake, David's giggles, Kaylee finishing her school marathon, and Sadie with our new little girl, Marley.

David had a wonderful birthday, and very much liked all of the attention that he got! He devoured a piece of chocolate cake, and made sure he got it everywhere- even in his ears!! With every bite we heard a loud, "Mmmmmm." He loved all of his gifts, but he especially liked the little red ride-on rocket that we got him. He thinks he is a really big boy now that he can scoot it all over the house and follow everyone around!

Kaylee's birthday was great too, except that she was not feeling well on the actual day of her birthday. Due to a really bad tummy ache, we postponed the cake celebration until the next day. By then she felt okay, and as you can tell, was VERY excited about tearing into her cake! The day before her birthday, she participated in a the final lap of a school marathon that the "Marathon Club" has been participating in all Spring. She look so cute running those laps and crossing the finish line. She was very proud of herself, but boy was she worn out that night!!

The smiley picture of David is one I snapped one day while he and I were playing while everyone else was at school and work. He really had the giggles, and I couldn't resist pulling out the camera to capture the moment!

Marley is our new little girl puppy. She is a nearly white golden retriever and she is a doll. Sadie adores her and is so excited to have a friend to play with and complain to in doggy language about the craziness of this house!!! We are having lots of fun with both of them.

Well, I better get going. I have to get five kids and a husband up and going so that we can get ready for church.