Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to Basics...and Updates

Well, here I am back with my original blog. The other site, although very neat, proved to be too much of a hassle to deal with. It will not hold very many photos (a travesty to a photographer!!) and is just to complicated to quickly use for updates. Soooo, here we are again. :-)

Well, lots has happened since my last blog, so here we go with a quick run down. Jonathan went to Basic Training, graduated, and is in Tech School at Keesler awaiting his first assignment when his training is over. He is doing well, and we miss him terribly!! Alyssa will be turning 15 this week, and is very excited about that! LOL She is having a sleepover birthday party will all of her close girlfriends, and I have no doubt they will be up all night long being silly and having fun. All the kids have started school- Alyssa in high school (which she LOVES, and is very popular), Ryan in 4th grade with-PRAISE GOD- a wonderful male teacher this year, Kaylee in 1st grade with a sweet teacher that she loves and loves her (Kaylee has also lost both front teeth, which you can see in the pic), and little man...well, he is enjoying having Mommy back all to himself during the day. He has gotten in 4 molars in addition to his other 8 teeth, and has become very profficient in using the word "No." But he is so loving and sweet, and completely spoiled and attached to Mommy and much so that we are dealing with major separation anxiety when either of us leaves.

Paul and I are great. Paul is busy working, and has been in a big leadership position at work, while although great for his career, bad for time off! :) We are looking forward to our trip up to Garmisch with our church conference in October. I have been busy with, you guessed, and I have also begun teaching ballet, tap, and jazz on base a couple days a week. I love it and Kaylee is in two of my classes and is loving that. My photography is still going good as well.

Well thats it for now. Here are a couple pictures, and I will write again soon.

Love you all,