Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well it's been a decade!!

Ryan turned 10 yesterday, and I am in amazement that it has been so long since I first held that sweet little baby for the first time. He had a great birthday....opened his presents after school and got to pick what was for dinner; and of all places chose McDonalds!! That's the Stokes side in him...LOL On Friday night he had his party/sleepover, and he and the boys had lots of fun. I crawled off to bed around 2 AM and they were still going strong!!

In all the excitement and craziness of entertaining 10 year old boys for a birthday party, I didn't take any pictures!! Can you believe it!!??!!! But, I snapped some of him yesterday throughout the day, and I am attaching one of him that I love. Such a handsome smile!

Love you all!!