Thursday, April 2, 2009

3 Day Potty Training...and then some!

Okay, so I finally have a chance to update our blog, especially with everyone asking about how the potty training situation went. For starters, I do think that the "3 Day Potty Training" method is a great place to start, but am not entirely sure that it can really work completely and be maintained after only three days. David did very well, and is now going over to the potty, wearing big boy undies and all that, but......we still do have some frequent accidents. All in all, I would say it went well and was a great starting point (especially since he is only 22 months), but I predict we are going to have to keep going and endure the accidents and constant training (and this time with the help of pullups!!) for at least a few more weeks until we can say he is completely potty trained. He does look so cute though in his "big boy undies" though.
Also, Kaylee is part of a Multi Age Wise Kids Enrichment Club, and they recently did a performance in celebration of Women's History. I am attaching the video clip Paul took at the end of the post. You can see her in the front in her red shirt and her hair looking crazy (I dont know what she did to it between the morning and this performance a few hours later...LOL). Anyways, they sing and then after the songs, they all get the microphone to tell about one signigicant woman in history so far. Kaylee's was Ann Curry. She did such a good job reciting it all. My baby is brilliant. :-)
Everyone is doing well, and looking forward to the sunny weather that spring and summer brings! Here is a recent pic of Pippin. At his vet appt last week, he weighed a whopping 2.5 pounds! lol We just love him and Sadie both.

Love you all!