Friday, March 14, 2008

Crazy week!

Well this week was busy, busy, busy, so I am just now getting to posting something on the blog. The kids did well on their school tests all week, and are very glad they are finished!! We took Jonathan and Alyssa today to get their glasses, and they were hilarious trying to pick them out. As you can imagine with teenagers, almost everything looked "dorky" to them. LOL They finally settled on some cute ones, and I will post picks after we can pick them up. Ryan is thrilled about his birthday Sunday. Can you believe it??!!!! Nine years old!!! WOW He is having a sleepover Friday with 5 boys. We are ordering them pizza, renting movies and they are gonna eat, have cake, play games and watch movies all night. He is so excited.

Kaylee stayed home from school today and we had a special mommy-girl day. She has been having some serious middle child feelings (LOL), and needed some extra time from me while everyone else was out. We slept in, stayed in jammies and watched TV, played on the computer, then went to the BX, had pizza, and picked up sweet treats. Then we ate and laid in my bed doing our toes and looking at a doll magazine. It was great!

Alyssa is sleeping over at a girlfriends tonight who is having a birthday party, so she is having a blast I am sure, and will most likely not sleep a wink. Jonathan is playing on the computer, and he is enjoying his night off work. Little man is supposed to be sleeping, but insists on standing up in his crib yelling, "Mama! No No Night Night!" It may just be a LONGGGGGG night. :)

I'm posting some pics of Ryan and Kaylee being crazy, Alyssa and her wall of boys, and little man so tired and falling asleep.

I will add lots more after Ryan's bday on Sunday.

Love you all,


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Look Mama, Im standing!

Well, I have no pictures of it, but David was standing on his own today. It was so cute. Of course, after awhile when he noticed it, he got kind of nervous and then toppled. But he is doing so well with it. He also has two new little teeth coming through on top. They are so cute!
He had his first experience in the church nursery today (although I stayed with him of course). He was the only little boy, and he was certainly flirting it up with the girl babies. haha

Well, we have a busy week ahead. Ryan and Alyssa have Terra Nova testing this week, which are achievement tests where you fill in the little dot on the correct answer! haha Anyways, so it will be a long week for them. Kaylee is beginning a "marathon club" that her teacher is hosting to encourage kids to get out and exercise. As you all know, no one has to tell Kaylee twice to run. Jonathan is working at Burger King and really enjoying it. He has made some good friends up there, and he is having fun.

Please keep Paul in your prayers, as he is testing for Master Sgt on March 19th. We could really use this promotion, especially with the sheer number of us that there are! haha
I recently finished one of my courses with a 99% so I am so happy!! I hated the course so it was unexpected. Anyways, my GPA overall is right at 4.0. I thank God for the ability to keep at it with all the business in our home. hehehe

Well we love you all, and I will be sure to get some more pics up this week.