Saturday, January 16, 2010

It really is true.....

Do you remember when people used to tell you to remember that the same sibling you were fighting with and wishing would disapper would one day become your best friend? Well, it really is true! Now don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean that you will forever be done with fighting or getting mad or even not wanting to be in the same room with them at times (haha), but it is different than before, and it doesn't last or ever change the way you feel.

There were times growing up that I thought Brett and I could just kill each other! LOL From hair pulling, scratching, pinching, biting, name calling, crying, "I can't stand yous" and "When I grow up you won't be my brother/sister," we said and did it all. Looking back now it makes me laugh because I remember times in the backseat of the car that we would be fighting so bad that my mom told us not to talk to one another or even think about each other (and now I find myself often telling my own kids the same thing!! lol). But then, those times would pass and we would be best buds again, laughing, sharing secrets, getting into trouble, and making memories. We were pretty much inseparable growing up, and at barely two years apart in age we often had the same general groups of friends and even shared a bedroom until we were about 8 and 10. And even then when we had separate bedrooms we ended up in each others most of the time. There were times I couldn't stand being around him when he made me mad, and then times I didn't want to be around anyone else but him. But even then, being that close, I didn't imagine how much deeper and special that bond would be as we grew into adults. Even though I am the older one and he often looked to me as kids, now as adults I have many times been able to go to him for help, advice, or just a shoulder to lean on, cry on, or vent on. Even recently when some things went on and I have gone through a really difficult and sad time, he has been so amazing and the Lord used him to really help me through what felt like one of the worst nights of my life. And likewise, he is able to come to me with the same kind of things. Even living overseas for eight years, a week (barely a day) has gone by without us talking. He even walked me down the aisle at my wedding, and it was then and is today such a special memory.

Today I am so thankful that we have grown from childhood buddies into true friends. Where we shared memories and little secrets as kids, we share real trust and true friendship as adults. Even on the days when I am aggravated with him, or we are frustrated because we don't agree with one another's choices- we know that we have each other's backs and can still call anytime we need a friend. :)

So thank you Brett, and I love you.

I am also glad to have the opportunity as my other siblings grow (teenagers right now- 16, 15, and 13) to share continuting growing friendships and memories. It is so neat to watch them grow into "big kids" when I can still see them as sweet little babies. I truly love them so much and look forward to growing even closer as we all get older. :)

Okay, so I will stop with the mushy stuff. But I think we should all remember to tell the people important to us what they mean to us "just cause." It doesn't have to be a special occasion or reason. How do you know it may not be just what they needed to hear on that day, at that moment. I know that has happened for me before, and it made such a difference in my day and my life. :)

So next time you hear someone tell siblings how they will be best friends one day, or you are pulling your hair out watching your kids fight with one another and wondering if they will ever even be civilized aquaintances....... really is true. :)

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Cheryl and Wayne said...

This was so sweet...Thanks for sharing! And I still think you look 15 years younger than you are!