Monday, January 11, 2010

White Christmas.....White sand, that is.

So we enjoyed a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL white Christmas and New Year's....on the white, sandy beaches of my hometown- Panama City, Florida. It was so nice to see everyone again, we have missed them so much. For the first time since 2000 we were able to be a part of the holiday celebration and traditions back home with my family. I hadn't been able to spend Christmas with my Mom since 2000, and so I was so blessed to be able to finally do that again this year. We also got to spend alot of time with my best friend in the world (besides Paul and my Mom), my brother Brett and it was alot of fun. On top of all of that, we were able to enjoy Christmas dinner at Nanny and Pop's house (the best grandparents in the world!!!) with them, Mom, Brett, my uncle, Randy and his handsome and sweet boys, Steven (and his adorable girlfriend Summer) and Kaden; and my sweet aunt and uncle, Renee and Marty and my precious new baby cousin Hannah Renee. She is absolutely the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen along with my own two beautiful girls and my beautiful little sister. :) I so enjoyed holding and kissing her!! I was supposed to take her pictures and was so excited and then got so sick the last few days, so I will be doing a fabulous photo shoot of her the next visit for sure!! LOL We also got to have a great family friend (well, he pretty much seems like family), John, over for Christmas dinner as well, and we were so glad to have him. I also was also able to see my grandmother's sister, Aunt Irene, for the first time in many years. It was so great to talk and catch up and enjoy everyone's company.

After Christmas, Mom, Brett, and I and the kids checked into a condo out on the beach and spent the last week of our vacation out there. It was oh so beautiful and so nice to wake up to the beautiful waves of Panama City Beach. We had so much fun swimming at the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, walking on the beach, playing in the sand, and just enjoying our time together. Brett drove in almost every night from his job in Enterprise, Alabama so we could all be together, and I know it probably exhausted him, but I was so thankful that he did so we could see him every night. The kids were just in heaven having NaNa (my mom) there all the time because aside from me and Paul I think she is their favorite person of all time, LOL. And David thinks that Brett hangs the moon, so he just loved following him around every minute!

On New Year's Eve, Brett bought some fireworks and after we watched the fireworks show at the pier, we shot off our own down on the beach. David decided he didn't like the "pop-pops" at all, so NaNa and Kaylee took him back inside while me, Brett, Aly, and Ry shot them off in the cold like little kids. It was a blast. The kids also spent a day with Nanny going out to eat and playing and they absolutely loved it!! They probably ran her ragged, but I know she enjoyed it too. :) And on the night we came in, we went over to Nanny and Pop's and just got to visit and talk and we had so much fun, I just love them so much!! And of course, being able to be home and spend time talking to my Mom and hanging out with her was just so wonderful. As I have grown from child to adult, she has truly become the most wonderful and best friend.

The only thing that could've made this trip any better would have been for my wonderful husband to have been able to be there with us. It stunk to be so far apart on the holidays, but we were able to talk so at least I could hear his sweet voice. :) Looking forward to next year's Christmas when he will be enjoying it all with us.

Another neat surprise was the snow falling as we drove back into Cabot. It was c-c-c-cold, but beautiful. So we are back home and settled and ready for a year ahead greater than any previous ones as we walk forward praising and thanking God and looking excitedly ahead at what He has in store for us this year.

So anyways, there's a little update....and I've included a pic from the beach too :).

Till next time,


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